Mobile and easy to use pipe bending machine


Our innovative pipe bending machines make pipe installation more fluent than before. Our bending machines are easy to move and use, which allows you to change the way you work and use more of your time on the actual installation. The bending machines are suitable for industrial plants and system suppliers, as well as hydraulic maintenance companies.

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As our pipe bending machines are battery-operated, they can be used anywhere. The mobile machine is easy to carry to the sites. This means that the installers no longer have to run back and forth between the installation site and the bending machine, as they can do everything in one place. This saves time, effort, and even costs. For longer transportations, the casing included in the delivery makes forklifts unnecessary.

Easy to use

Using our pipe bending machines is really easy. The machine only has three buttons, while everything is done manually without complicated programming. The integrated angle indicators make it easy to use the machine while rendering separate tools such as try square and measures unnecessary. The magnetically mounted control unit can be used from a distance of up to three metres from the machine.


We only use high-quality parts which can take everyday use at high loads. The pipe bending machine forms the pipe at exactly the desired angle. The battery is designed to last for 30 bendings at maximum pipe size, or several days of use on smaller pipes. An external power source (230 V) is also available, which can be used for example when working in sub-zero temperatures.


Manual control unit
• Easy to define the angle with no programming


Manual angle view
• The angle can be viewed during bending


Exact automatic stopping system
• Repeats the same bend every time


Hydraulic power source
• Bending can be stopped and continued, the machine does not return automatically to starting position during bending


The measurement plate removes the need for a try square, and makes positioning the pipe faster and the measurement more accurate.


Can also be delivered with 230 V AC power supply

Optimal working height thanks to the tripod.


Rotates 360 degrees on its base
• Excellent usability in narrow spaces and when working with large pipes


Quick assembly of the tripod.


Magnetic and mobile operating switch makes it easier to direct the bending and work with long pipes


Bending moulds with a quick release
• No adjustment needed when replacing the moulds


Metallic bending moulds
• can be used even in sub-zero temperatures


It only took a moment to teach a new and inexperienced worker the basics of pipe bending. The instruction videos, which are available online, are an excellent source of information for an employee who has never worked with pipe bending before.

STH-Service Oy, Mika Ryynänen, installation manager

We have been able to reduce the amount of unnecessary walking during the work day by up to 1.5 hours, which gives us more time for assembly on site.”

TH Tarmatic Oy, Juha Huhtala, CEO

Our assemblers are always on the move from town to town, by themselves.The light and mobile pipe bending machine makes it significantly easier to move the equipment alone!”

Oy SKF Ab, Otto Lamberg, installation manager

Technical information

• Weight 28 kg
• Bending capacity 12*1 – 35*3 HST / Fe52
• Bending angle max 180 degrees
• Rotation speed 90o / 20s
• Automatic stopping system
• Battery voltage 18 VDC
• Mould materials aluminium when D ≤ D28 mm and steel when D ≥ 30 mm
• Transport case dimensions w 746 x d 463 x h 450 mm

Optional accessory – Power unit 230 VAC – Max 480 W

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